Call Center Agent Retention Strategies: Fighting Agent Turnover
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By participating in this two day call center training course you will develop awareness, competence and support for improved retention throughout your organization. Agent turnover is a silent killer of call center productivity-yet it's a solvable problem. Learn new ways to actively engage agents on all levels and build a culture of retention with long-term payoffs.

Attend this one-of-a-kind training course and learn how to:

  • Identify why your agents join, stay and leave
  • Use key metrics that will help build internal allies in your fight against turnover
  • Drive retention with goals and accountabilities for all leaders, including first-line supervisors
  • Calculate the business and financial costs of losing talented agents and quantify the value of keeping them
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your organization's current retention strategies
  • Develop retention strategies that go beyond pay, benefits and recognition programs to create a culture of competency and commitment
  • Build concrete plans that can be immediately implemented in your organization

Topics covered include:

  • Developing a new model to create a high-retention organization
  • True financial costs and consequences of turnover
  • Why people leave: job, organizational and leadership issues
  • Communicating urgency to your organization and recruiting support and accountability for your efforts
  • How to knock down barriers to achieve agent engagement and boost productivity
  • Exploring the critical competencies supervisors must possess to retain valued agents and how you can develop them in your leaders
  • Encouraging agent engagement and team involvement
  • How to prioritize your strategies and develop a "Retention Roadmap" with a clear execution plan

Who Should Attend
Call Center Agent Retention Strategies training course is ideal for managers, HR managers, directors and professionals who want to attract, motivate and retain top-performing employees.


Course Introduction

  • Defining "the best and the brightest"
  • HR's Role in Employee Retention
  • Putting Retention Into Context: The Talent Management Equation
  • Knowledge Assessment: Identifying Your Current Approach to Retention
  • A New Model For Developing High Retention Organizations
  • Why Conventional Retention Strategies Don't Work

The Urgent Need for Retention

  • Recognize the Trends That Indicate a Looming "Retention Crisis"
  • Calculate the Cost of Agent Turnover in Your Organization
  • Distinguish the Key Differences Between the Reasons People Join Organizations and the Reasons People Leave
  • Develop a Plan for Communicating the Urgent Need for Retention to the Leaders of Your Organization
  • Examine the Long-Term Benefits of Retaining Top Talent
  • Discover the Risks and Opportunities That Contribute to the "Zone of Retention"

Moving from Turnover to Retention

  • Set a Goal for Reducing Turnover and Enlist Your Organizational Leadership in Achieving That Goal
  • Identify and Address the Organizational Issues That Contribute to Turnover in Your Organization
  • Benchmark Best Practices for Addressing the Job Issues That Contribute to Turnover
  • Examine How to Strengthen Your Existing Leadership Initiatives Toward Improved Retention
  • Recognize the Competencies Leaders Must Demonstrate to Retain Talent

Moving to Retention and Engagement

  • Identify the Barriers That Prevent an Organization from Achieving High Retention and Engagement
  • Consider Goals for Increasing Engagement in the Organization and Enlist Your Leadership in Achieving That Goal
  • Examine the Ten Leadership Competencies That Contribute to Retention and Engagement
  • Determine How to Incorporate Leadership Retention-Engagement Competencies as Part of a Leadership Initiative
  • Educate and Involve Team Members in Organizational Retention Strategies
  • Practice Engaging in a Peer-to-Peer Retention Conversation


  • Retention and Engagement Strategies and Tactics
  • Integrate the Communication Plan Messages You Have Been Developing
  • Develop a Retention-Engagement Plan and
  • Communicate Your Retention Strategy in a Way That Motivates Your Organizational Leadership to Support It

Registration Fees
This course is delivered on-site only. To register, please call (708) 246-0320

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