By Association
Group Discount Savings Plan

Especially designed to benefit the members of associations, regional chapters, user groups, online communities and more.

Apply for a "By Association" group discount code, and your members enjoy discounts on training courses  and certification programs offered across the RCCSP Professional Education Alliance network of training providers.

The "By Association" Group Discount Savings Plan

There are no annual dues to pay, no minimum purchases your members must make.  If your organization includes IT, telecom, support center, call center, or service management industry professionals within the membership ranks, you're already a member of our RCCSP family -- By Association.  Your members can receive group discount savings benefits on every instructor-led classroom training course listed at and other RCCSP web sites:

Join the RCCSP Channel Network of affiliated professional organizations today.  Choose savings for the members, a new revenue stream to help support the organization's activities, or both.  It's a year-round benefit that makes membership in your organization pay for itself!

It's as easy as 1-2-3.  Ready?

Step 1: See if your group qualifies.

Contact RCCSP today to see if your organization qualifies for a By Association group discount savings plan. Use the application form below or call RCCSP at (708) 246-0320.  Qualifying organizations must be genuine, established, with members and an online presence, and may include:

  • Trade and industry associations
  • Local regional chapters
  • User groups
  • Membership organizations
  • Industry web portals
  • Online communities
  • Industry publications and newsletters
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Credit unions
  • Governmental bodies
  • Departments of the US Federal government
  • College and university alumni groups
  • Labor organizations
  • Business leagues
  • Cooperative organizations
  • and more...

Qualifying organizations may receive up to 20% off on every training course:

  • Automatic discounts for members on all training courses.  A membership in your organization pays for itself!
  • Matching RCCSP contributions to the association or organization
  • Or both.

Step 2: Publicize RCCSP training discount benefits

... on the association web site, events calendar, in member and subscriber newsletters, at the conference or user group meetings, or in materials describing membership benefits.

Get the word out, to prospective members and the business community, that your organization supports and encourages professional education, certification, and professional credentials; and is a respected member of the RCCSP Channel Network.

Add RCCSP Professional Education Alliance scheduled training events to the organization's web site, Events Calendar, Resources page, Internet portal, or online community pages.

Proudly display the RCCSP Channel Network logo on the association web site and on brochures and materials describing member benefits and savings opportunities.

Step 3: Tell Your Members How to Register for Training Using Their Discount

Members can use the RCCSP "By Association" Discount Code, and save on the industry's very best training events, every time they register for any course.

  • Select any RCCSP training course or professional certification program with a list price of $995 or more.
  • Register online at a RCCSP website.
  • Enter the association-branded discount code in the promotional code field.  
  • Receive instant savings, matching contributions to the association, or both!

Apply Today!

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About Your By Association Benefits

Which benefit would the organization prefer? Training discounts for members
Monetary contributions to the organization
Split - half in training discounts to members, half in monetary contribution to the organization

The Best Training Savings Benefit an Association Can Offer its Members

Include an association-branded RCCSP discount code in membership benefits plans.

Participation in the RCCSP By Association program costs your organization nothing. No fees to join, no minimum purchases, no sharing of the membership list required.

Your association's discount code affords members group discounted rates on training, with no group attendance required.

The discount applies to hundreds of different RCCSP Alliance Network training courses and certification programs, from 40+ top professional education companies across the US and Canada.

Does your organization need financial support? Whose doesn't?  Retain a share of the discount, and create a new source of income for your organization!

Start Saving Now

Apply for a "By Association" Group Discount Code.

Announce training savings in the member newsletter.

List relevant RCCSP training courses on your association's Events web page.

Proudly display the RCCSP Channel Network logo.

Members enter a "By Association" Discount Code when registering for training online, and save again and again.


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Terms & Conditions for Group Discounts and Programs:
  • Group discount offer is good at the time of initial group registration only and is not valid with any other discounts, promotions or discount packages.
  • This offer applies to new registrations only for public, instructor-led courses having a list price of $995 or more.
  • Group discounts will not be retroactively applied.
  • "By Association" Discount Codes not used for one year will expire.
  • RCCSP reserves the right to accept or reject application by any organization for a "By Association" Discount Code at its sole discretion.
  • RCCSP reserves the right to cancel this offer upon 180 days notice to actively-participating groups.  RCCSP may cancel non-participating or misrepresented groups from the program at any time.
  • Available courses and schedules are subject to change at any time at the discretion of RCCSP.