Business Case Development for IT Managers:
How To Prepare, Write and Present a Winning Business Case
1-day training course, $795
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To be successfull in leading an IT organization, understanding that your organization must be lead and operated with the accountability of a business, is crucial. This training seminar focuses on the use of certain disciplines and methodologies to create and present a business case. Developing a strong business case is essential to persuade your executive team to invest in and sponsor your ideas for expanding the scope and capacity of your organization or enhancing its performance in execution and deliverence of its services. In simpler terms, it is used to secure funding and investment to create new opportunities or solve problems in your IT organization.

The course presents solid reasons for preparing business cases and why they are worth your time and effort. You will learn to identify your audience and why it matters in the creation and presentation of your business case. By the end of this one day training program you will be prepared to better define the issues/opportunities and craft a business case that justifies your investment and recommendations. Finally, we will examine ways to conduct the back-ground research and pre-selling of the business case to ensure that your effort will result in approval for funding.

Training seminar objectives:

  • Explain the benefits of a well-prepared business case.
  • Identify organizational decision-makers who will review and approve your business case.
  • Understand the reason why investments need to be justified and analyzed in detail before any work begins.
  • Appreciate the benefits of a standardized approach to developing a business case.
  • Understand the key elements of a business case document and presentation.
  • Know some of the basic financial metrics used within a business case.
  • Consider the importance of marketing your organization and yourself during the business case cycle.

Course Agenda

Why the Business Case is Important:

  • Business Case Defined
  • Business Case Structure/Components/Benefits
  • Competition for Funds
  • Accountability
  • Identifying Problem/Opportunity Understanding the Organizational Need

Creating the Business Case:

  • Template and Components
  • The Importance of an Executive Summary
  • Is your Business Case Adding Value
  • Case Study and Examples

IT Financials Metrics:

  • IT Governance: What You Need to Know
  • Business Alignment
  • Financial Metrics
  • Accounting/Financial Principles

Business Case Presentation:

  • Understanding your Audience
  • Hot topics/Pain-points
  • Preparing a Presentation
  • Presentation Tools - your voice and body language
  • Answering Questions Effectively
  • Dealing with Presentation Disasters

Proven Business Case Success:

  • Lessons from CIOs
  • Business Case Review (Critique an approved business case)

Registration Fee and What's Included
The per student registration fee for this seminar is $795, and includes:

  • Training
  • Course materials
  • Lunch and refreshments

Class begins at 8:30 AM and ends at 5:00 PM. Dress is business casual.

To register for this training seminar, use the "Book Now" button or please call (708) 246-0320

Class Schedule
Sept 11 Laguna Beach, CA Aliso Creek Resort & Golf Course (Location Information)

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Payment is due prior to the seminar.

Cancellation Policy.  Due to the preparations required for this seminar, registrants are expected to attend the seminar at the location and date selected. If you can not attend, you may transfer your registration to another person at no additional charge and without penalties. Registrants may cancel up to forty-five days in advance of the seminar start date for a full refund, less administrative fees of $400.  There will be no refunds or credits for cancellations made within forty-five days of the seminar or for non-attendance. Please be sure you can attend before registering.

In the unlikely event that a seminar must be cancelled, you will be notified at least two weeks prior to the seminar date.  Seminar provider is not responsible for losses due to cancellation including losses on advanced purchase airfares.  As seminars are cancelled for under-enrollment from time to time, we strongly recommend that registrants traveling by air purchase only refundable tickets.

Seminar agenda subject to change.


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