Call Center Technology Demystified: The No-Nonsense Guide to Bridging Customer Contact Technology, Operations and Strategy, by Lori Bocklund, Dave Bengtson, softcover, 381 pages, 2002, $39.95



With a rare combination of business insight, technological savvy and down-to-earth, straightforward writing, Bocklund and Bengtson have come up with the answer to the often-asked question:  "Is there a book on call center technologies that will help me to understand this stuff better?"

There are three themes that make Call Center Technology Demystified: The No-Nonsense Guide to Bridging Customer Contact Technology, Operations and Strategy unique.  It "demystifies" call center technology, takes a no-nonsense approach, and helps to bridge technology, operations and strategy gaps.

This book will enable you to:

  • Understand key technology infrastructure options and issues.
  • Understand essential and advanced technologies for the call center.
  • Identify capabilities and applications that make sense in your environment.
  • Build a vision of a world-class, integrated solutions.
  • Plan for deployment of call center solutions.

Table of Contents

  1. Strategic Context for Your Call Center Technology
    • Business Strategy Is the Foundation
    • Aligning Business, Call Center and Technology Strategies
    • The Role of Technology in Strategy: Automation vs. Transformation
    • Tying Technology Planning to Call Center Strategy
  2. Infrastructure Changes Force Big Architectural Decisions
    • A Brief History of Voice and Data Systems Infrastructures
    • Application Infrastructure Options
    • Network Infrastructure Options
    • Packetizing Voice
  3. Principles and Enablers for Routing and Queuing
    • Random Call Arrival and Random Agent Availability
    • Routing Principles: Matching Callers to Agents
    • Call-Routing Enablers
  4. Call Center Matchmaking: Routing Callers to the Right Resource
    • Single-Site Routing
    • Multisite Routing
    • Remote Agents
    • ACD Desktop Features
  5. Tools for Measuring, Managing and Optimizing Your Center
    • Call Center Reporting
    • Workforce Management Systems
    • Simulation Tools
    • Logging and Quality Monitoring Systems
  6. CTI: Screen Pops and So Much More
    • CTI-Enabled Applications
    • CTI Benefits
    • CTI Architectures
    • CTI Challenges
    • Key Design Decisions
  7. Information and Applications Bring CRM Strategies to Life
    • Information System Architectures
    • Customer Relationship Management
  8. Building IVR and Web-Based Self-Service
    • Building a Self-Service Strategy
    • IVR Roles and Applications
    • Automatic Speech Recognition
    • IVR Integration with the Call Center
    • Web Self-Service
    • Self-Service Trends and Directions
  9. Multimedia: Transitioning from Call Center to Contact Center
    • Web-Based Media Options
    • Multimedia Applications Technology
    • Integrated Queuing and Routing
    • Call Flow
    • Multimedia Considerations
  10. Making It Happen: Implementation Considerations
    • Building a Customer-Contact Technology Strategy
    • Developing a Framework for Implementation
    • Navigating the Vendor Map
    • An Overview of Technology Sourcing Options
  11. Perspectives on the Future
    • Good Indicators of the Future
    • The Changes and Challenges
    • A Few Predictions
    • What It All Means to You

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