Integrating People with Processes and CRM Technology, by Dr. Jon Anton, Dr. Natalie L. Petouhoff, and Lisa M. Schwartz, softcover, 235 pages, 2002, $39.99


Read about customer relationship management, CRM technology, automation, and software selection

Anytime you add to or change technology, you impact the way your staff works and essentially how you conduct your business.  Many companies buy the best hardware and software, and spend thousands of dollars implementing technology only to find out that the employees resist the changes, and do not fully adopt the new, and possibly, improved processes.  By understanding how to manage people during change, managers will see a much quicker ROI on their technology initiatives. 

This book is about methodologies and processes that can quickly be adopted by your company to:

  • benchmark to gain a baseline on your people, process, and technology "as is" state
  • understand how managing people and change in your company can improve your technology ROI
  • measure, market, and manage the payback of your technology
  • calculate an ROI for soft skills
  • ensure the long-term, ongoing, successful use of technology by staff to achieve specific business goals
  • calculate customer lifetime value (CLTV)
  • benchmark periodically to know where you stand among the competition to increase your competitive edge.

You will learn what steps to take to engage your organization in shifting the company mindset from "Technology for technology's sake" to "People working with people, enabled by technology, to produce business results!"

Table of Contents

  1. No People, No Business The New Economy of Technology
  2. The Secret to Managing Change and Costs: People
  3. The "Valley of Tears" - Measuring People's Response to Change
  4. The Successful People Process - Engaging Employees In Change
  5. SP3M - The "Measure, Market and Manage" Service Model
  6. Teams and Their Impact on Technology Implementations
  7. Customers Are People, Too - Calculating Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)
  8. Measuring People Who Provide Service
  9. Benchmarking Your Organization for Higher Technology ROI


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