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Call Center Benchmarking: How Good is "Good Enough"

by Jon Anton & David Gustin, softcover, 83 pages, $46.95



If you believe that significant improvements can be made to a certain service, process, or practice, but don't know what changes to make, benchmarking is the way to find out.  Setting out to benchmark a service, process, or practice requires your organization to carefully scrutinize its own processes prior to starting the benchmarking effort. This book will provide you with the necessary steps to take in your benchmarking efforts and will show you what aspects to take into account in order to make benchmarking your call center a success.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Benchmarking Defined
    • Why benchmarking?
    • A word of caution
    • Hallmarks of success
  3. Areas to Benchmark in Your Call Center
    • Call center costs
    • Call center performance measures
    • Caller satisfaction measurement
    • Call center strategy
    • Human resource management
    • Knowledge available to agents
    • Knowledge generated by the call center
    • Call center technology
    • The integration challenge
    • Facilities and design
  4. Benchmarking Your Call Center
    • Ten steps of benchmarking
    • Critical success factors
    • The rules
  5. Interpreting Call Center Benchmark Data
    • Same line of business interpretations
    • Cost structure focus
    • Human resource practices
    • Productivity
    • Calculating the value of a gap
    • Suggested management actions
  6. Conclusions

Appendix: Available Call Center Benchmark Studies

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