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Telecommunications Projects Made Easy
by James Harry Green, 288 pages with disk, 1997, $24.95



Eventually, everyone associated with telecommunications becomes involved in a project.

This book is intended to help with planning and management of several types of telecommunications projects by providing checklists of the common elements and tasks that must be performed to complete the project.  The floppy disk that accompanies this book can eliminate much of the drudgery of assembling a project plan.  All of the projects discussed in the book are included on the disk as text files and in Microsoft Project 4.1 form.  If you use Microsoft Project 4.1 or later, you can copy the project into your computer, eliminate the tasks that don't apply to your environment, add any tasks that are unique to your project, assign them to individuals, estimate the time, and have a complete project plan ready to publish!

Table of Contents


  1. Elements of Project Management
  2. PBX Installation and Upgrades
  3. ACD Installation and Upgrades
  4. Voice Mail Systems
  5. Interactive Voice Response
  6. Computer Telephony Integration
  7. Remote Access Servers
  8. Call Accounting Systems
  9. Local Area Networks
  10. Wide Area Networks
  11. Internetworking Equipment
  12. Equipment Rooms
  13. Wiring Systems
  14. Backbone Cabling and Conduit Systems

Appendix A: PBX-ACD Acceptance Checklist

Appendix B: Security Checklist

Appendix C: Acronyms

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