The Call Heard Round The World: Voice Over Internet Protocol And The Quest For Convergence

by David Greenblatt, hardcover, 188 pages, 2003, $27.95



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The Internet still has many great applications left up its sleeve.  Chief among them is the seamless integration of voice transmission with text, audio, video, and graphics - all delivered simultaneously through the high bandwidth of the Internet.

As Chief Operating Officer of Net2Phone, author David Greenblatt guided the company to a 40% share of this snowballing market, known interchangeably as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or IP telephony.  With sister company Adir Technologies, Greenblatt leveraged his knowledge and vision in collaborations with powerhouse companies like Cisco, Yahoo!, AOL, RealNetworks, and Microsoft.

The evolution of Net2Phone and Adir forms the framework for a revealing look at the immediate and long-range future of communication and information delivery.  The Call Heard 'Round the World describes the evolution-in-progress of VoIP technology, from its current applications (it powers each of the untold millions of instant messages sent over AOL, MSN, and Yahoo!) to the impact it will have on business models and investment strategy in a broad range of industries.  In addition to the author's own experiences and perspectives, the book features observations from respected analysts, investment professionals, business leaders, and industry experts.

The first-of-its kind look at the vast potential of IP telephony illustrates the long-term commitment that both technology companies and service providers have given to bringing convergent solutions to market.  It also proves beyond doubt that Internet technology is once again poised to change-for the better-the way we live and work.

This unprecedented "insider's view" gives you an in-depth look at:

  • VoIP technology from both an industry and market perspective
  • The crucial roles played by Net2Phone and Adir in the development of convergent solutions and services
  • How VoIP is playing out in financial markets and the business world
  • The huge impact that VoIP has had and will have-on telecommunications companies
  • How cable is driving the convergence movement and bringing more and better services to homes and businesses
  • And much more

Table of Contents

  1. You Can Get There from Here:  The Promise of Convergence
  2. Two Hot Dogs with Mustard: Our Humble Beginnings
  3. Selling the Dream
  4. The New World of Communications: The Market's Perspective
  5. The Power of Convergence: The Industry's Perspective
  6. The Red Pill or the Blue?  Ways Your World Has Changed
  7. "Someone Will Be There Between Nine and Five...": Broadband/Cable
  8. Lions, Tigers, and Bears: The Powers Behind Convergent Services

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