Managing Web-Based Customer Experiences: "Self-Service Integrated with Assisted-Service", by Dr. Jon Anton and Mike Murphy, softcover,2003, 158 pages, $35.95



Not since the introduction of call routing systems and touch-tone based self-service systems in the early 1970s have we seen such a frenzy to drive customers into self-service transactions.  By its very nature, the Internet is a self-service application, and has provided a tremendous set of new tools.  It is spurring on a corporate renaissance of sorts, as we all look to fresh approaches to improve upon old ideas.

In "Managing Web-Based Customer Experiences", Jon Anton and Mike Murphy offer a compelling and insightful view of the underlying principles and tactics necessary to limit self-service risks and exploit its opportunities.  Their pragmatic advice, data points and case studies provide excellent guidance in navigating the road to self-service success.  You will surely learn from this text and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. A Snapshot of the Current Multi-channel Customer Service Experience
  3. Call Center Channel Users
  4. Introduction to Customer Self-service
  5. Examples of Successful Self-service Offerings
  6. When Customers Choose, Companies Win (And So Do the Customers)
  7. Pitfalls in Customer Self-service
  8. Defining Self-Service Integrated with Assisted-service
  9. Initial Planning for a Self-and Assisted-service Strategy
  10. Planning Your Web-based Customer Service Strategy
  11. Best Practices that Lead to a Successful Self and Assisted-Service Strategy
  12. The People Side of the Equation: Employees and Customers
  13. Knowledge Management
  14. Managing Customer Experiences Through the Universal Queue
  15. Creating Value with Natural Language Search
  16. Summary and Conclusions
    • Appendix A: Calculating ROI for Self-Service Search and Guided Navigation Solutions: An InQuira Whitepaper

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