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Technical Support on the Web: Designing and Managing an Effective E-Support Site
by Barbara Czegel, softcover, 376 pages, $34.99



In order to stay competitive in today's business world, both technology-based and nontechnology-based organizations must move their sales and support to the web.  This book provides you with all the tools and information you'll need to make that move.  Leading expert Barbara Czegel clearly shows you how to create an effective Web-based support site that meets all of your stakeholder requirements and generates a healthy return on investment.

Czegel takes you through the entire process of planning, staffing, designing, building, marketing, and managing your support site.  She includes templates and examples that you'll be able to follow when developing your site.  You'll also discover a comprehensive troubleshooting guide that will help you recognize and avoid problems.  And, you'll find real-world case studies that identify the challenges you'll face when building your site and uncover lessons learned from other companies.

Focused on the needs of today's e-business decision-makers, this book covers:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of moving to a Web-based support site
  • The most important goals to consider for your site
  • The features that make an effective support site
  • The best way to set up and manage and implementation plan
  • The key steps for evaluating performance and improving the site

Table of Contents

Part One: The Concept of Support on the Web
Chapter 1 - Is Web-Based Support Worthwhile

Part Two: Initiating Web-Based Support
Chapter 2 - A Map for Site Creation and Management
Chapter 3 - Establishing Scope
Chapter 4 - Staff Selection

Part Three: Design Considerations
Chapter 5 - Functions, Tools, and Implementations
Chapter 6 - Designing the Site

Part Four: Implementation and Management
Chapter 7 - Processes and Implementation
Chapter 8 - Marketing
Chapter 9 - Site Management
Chapter 10 Problem Prevention and Troubleshooting

Part Five: Examples
Chapter 11 - A Support Site That Provides Unattended Operations Knowledge
Chapter 12 - Simplicity in Boxes
Chapter 13 - Support Site for a Business Software Manufacturer
Chapter 14 - Revisiting the Education Plus Example
Chapter 15 - Revisiting the Trace Software Example

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