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Call Center Management on Fast Forward: Succeeding in Today's Dynamic Inbound Environment, Second Edition, by Brad Cleveland and Julia Mayben, softcover, 440 pages, 2006, $39.95

Audiocassette edition, $75.95


en Español!

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on audiocassette (in english only)

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Written by Brad Cleveland the president of ICMI and one of the world's foremost authorities on call center management and customer services, Call Center Management on Fast Forward has been the industry's standard reference on running a call center operation since it was originally published in 1997. Many of the processes and policies currently in place in leading service organizations around the world were developed from the books guidelines and suggestions. The updated and expanded edition provides a much-needed update that addresses the dramatic changes that have occurred in the call center industry over the years.

The industry's #1 selling book on call center management is the most comprehensive source available on running a call center. It covers every aspect of call center management including, service level, forecasting, scheduling, resource calculations, metrics, quality, budgeting, reporting, strategy and key enabling technologies, in a format that is well-organized and easy to understand.

The updated and expanded edition contains important new information, including:

  • Trends in customer expectations

  • Best practices in performance reports and objectives

  • How to create an effective customer access strategy appropriate for today's environment

  • How to manage multichannel contacts with quality

  • New technologies - and how they're changing customer contact services

  • Improving the call center's strategic impact and ROI

  • New case studies and examples from Wells Fargo, Starbucks, Aetna and many others

Table of Contents

  1. Familiar Challenges, New Opportunities
  2. Three Driving Forces in Incoming Call Centers
  3. Service Level, The Core Value
  4. Acquiring Necessary Data
  5. Forecasting Call Load
  6. Determining Base Staff and Trunks Required
  7. Scheduling Efficiently and Sufficiently
  8. How Incoming Call Centers Behave
  9. Conveying Call Center Activity to Senior Management
  10. Managing Service Level in Real Time
  11. Service Level With Quality
  12. Assessing Performance in a New Era
  13. New Technologies, New Possibilities
  14. Characteristics of the Best Managed Call Centers

Appendix: Sample Job Description for Incoming Call Center Managers

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