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The Customer Care and Contact Center Handbook
by Garry Schultz, hardcover, 271 pages, 2003, $45.00



Customer satisfaction is essential to the success of any and all businesses.  At a time in which technological advances, cultural changes, and escalating customer expectations have rendered post-sale customer support more demanding than ever, the need for exemplary post-sale services is greater than ever.

Ensuring all customer interactions result in satisfaction is the core target of the customer contact center.  The Customer Care and Contact Center Handbook was written to help executives and managers define, create, and sustain a world-class customer contact center. This book explores the many challenges inherent in implementing a world-class contact center and introduces methodologies, technologies, and techniques to get-it-right the first time.

The Customer Care and Contact Center Handbook was designed to be easy to read and straightforward - it is a practical book destined to be referenced often and not gather dust on the shelf.  Author Garry Schultz draws upon over 22 years of experience to provide a user-friendly guide to creating and maintaining a customer contact center.  Filled with charts, graphics, and real-world examples, The Customer Care and Contact Center Handbook provides the information needed to understand the philosophy, systems, and infrastructure needed to satisfy today's customer.  This guide is ideal for anyone who wishes to understand the parameters of the creation and maintenance of a world-class customer care center, especially those responsible for the formation or overhaul of a contact center.

Table of Contents

  1. Creating A Contact Center
    • Objective
    • The Need
    • Target Audience
    • The Evolving Customer Relationship
    • Customer Satisfaction Impact Factoids
    • Contact Center Definition
  2. Contact Center Structure
    • Objective
    • Understand the Business Model
    • Definition of Services
    • Strategic Accounts
    • Escalation Path
    • Escalations, Exceptions to the Path
    • Enabling Technologies
    • Support for Enabling Technologies
    • We Don't Do Windows -I
    • We Don't Do Windows-II
    • We Don't Do Windows-III
    • Call Prevention
    • Outsourcing (Support Services)
    • Defining the Structure
    • Definition of Roles, Generic
    • The Business Plan
    • Analysing Existing Structure
    • Hiring Staff
    • Same Old Same Old
    • Staff Retention
    • Exit Interview
    • Compensation
    • Advancement Potential
    • Environment and Culture
    • Twenty-Four/Seven Operation
  3. Standard Operating Procedures
    • Objective
    • Documentation
    • SOP Creation Guidelines
    • Making It Happen
    • Process Improvement Audit
    • Crisis Management
  4. Metrics
    • Objective
    • Customer Perception
    • Anatomy of a Telephone Contact
    • Reports
    • Standard Metrics
    • Service Level Agreements
  5. Training & Testing
    • Objective
    • Training Sequence
    • Analysis of Training Sequence
    • Product Training and Testing
    • Back-Office Systems Training
  6. Systems And Tools
    • Objective
    • Data Sharing
    • Sizing
    • Data Flow
    • Deployment
    • Tools
    • System Progression
    • Change Management
  • Appendix A: Acronyms and Terms
  • Appendix B: Job/ Role Descriptions
  • Appendix C: FMECA
  • Appendix D: The Five Whys of Quality
  • Appendix E: Organizations
  • Appendix F:  Alpha/Beta Testing
  • Appendix G:  Finance for CC Managers
  • Appendix H:  SOP Template
  • Appendix I:  Selected Readings

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