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Maximizing Call Center Performance
by Madeline Bodin, softcover, 137 pages, 1998, $25.95



Ever wish you could find out how North America's biggest and most advanced call center are really using technology? Want to know how successful call centers have solved the problems behind basic call center functions such as ordering handling, help desk, customer service, collections, and staffing? The answers are here. Maximizing Call Center Performance tales you behind the scenes and shows you what call centers are doing to get the most our of their technology investments.

The stories in this book - all true - illustrate not just a single solution to call center managers' most common problems, but many solutions that take into account the nuances of customer expectations, corporate policies, and budgets.  In this book you'll find a solution to your call center problem, or find ways to raise your call center to new heights of service excellence.  With 136 innovative ideas there is sure to be more than one that you can put to work in your call center.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Billing and Credit
  • Chapter 2: Media Blending
  • Chapter 3: Collections
  • Chapter 4: Computer Telephone Integration
  • Chapter 5: Fundraising
  • Chapter 6: Help Desk
  • Chapter 7: Information Services
  • Chapter 8: The Internet
  • Chapter 9: Kiosks
  • Chapter 10: Monitoring and Agent Evaluation
  • Chapter 11: Order Handling
  • Chapter 12: Sales
  • Chapter 13: Customer Service
  • Chapter 14: Staffing
  • Chapter 15: High Tech Product Support
  • Chapter 16: Virtual Call Centers

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