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Coaching for World Class Customer Support
by Mia S. Melanson, softcover, 30 pages, $19.95



World-class performance is no accident.  Whether on the playing field or in the support center, people need training, practice and good coaching to achieve excellence.  Mia Melanson, a performance consultant, explains the coaching process as a series of simple steps. You'll see why coaching is different from managing, and learn how to build a high performance support center -- one player at a time.

Table of Contents

  1. Coaching is a relationship
    • The elements of coaching
    • Coaching to fit the player
    • Players welcome coaching
    • Learning with your players
  2. The coach prepares
    • Assess the player
    • Evaluating yourself
  3. An eight-step coaching process
    • Step 1: Create a trusting, caring, learning environment where everyone is at ease.
    • Step 2:  Define and communicate the reason for the coaching discussion.
    • Step 3: Begin a dialogue on ways to improve or excel.  Listen with empathy.
    • Step 4: Encourage participation by asking open-ended questions.
    • Step 5: Use the player's suggestion whenever possible.
    • Step 6: Agree on a plan of action: who will do what by when.
    • Step 7: Schedule a follow-up meeting within five to ten days.
    • Step 8: Provide detailed, ongoing feedback.
    • Putting the steps together: a coaching example
  4. Giving feedback
    • Recognition
    • Positive reinforcement
    • Advice
    • Ineffective feedback: criticism and silence
    • Seven tips for better
    • When coaching doesn't work

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