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Marketing the Help Desk to Senior Managers and Customers
by Malcolm Fry, softcover, 34 pages, $19.95



Many help desks strive to provide a beneficial service to all MIS customers, often without appreciation from customers or the required support from management. Conversely, it is pleasing to note that increasing numbers of help desks are receiving both support and appreciation as their strategic importance is becoming recognized. However, help desks become frustrated when they discover that top quality service alone does not bring the acknowledgement that it deserves, even in an enlightened corporation.

Help desks must learn to advertise and market their success so that they can gain the levels of appreciation and support they deserve. Without advertising their success, the help desk is simply a distant voice at the end of a telephone.  This little book is a roadmap for developing the image your help desk wants and needs through effective marketing techniques.

Table of Contents

  1. No More Unsung Heroes
  2. Help Desk Evolution
  3. Building a Marketing Plan
  4. Create Realistic Objectives
  5. Identify Customer Needs
  6. Image and Profile Harmony
  7. Evaluate Marketing Tactics
  8. Implement the Strategy
  9. Maintain the Strategy

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