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Revolutionizing Support Staff Training: One Company's Strategy
by Loretta Weiss-Morris, softcover, 31 pages, $19.95



Turning non-techies into high-performance support reps may seem like an impossible task. But Intuit, Inc., a financial software and services company, recently implemented a new support-staff training program that did just that. Loretta Weiss-Morris examines Intuit’s revolutionary program that gives support staff, supervisors, and managers the skills they need to succeed. Their strategy could work at your organization!

Table of Contents

  1. Intuit revolutionizes its support staff training
  2. Turning non-techies into high-performance support reps
    • Thinking like a doctor
    • Seven key competencies
    • Taming the database "jungle"
    • From hamburgers to help screens
  3. The critical thinking module
    • How did I end up in Philosophy 101?
  4. Giving support supervisors the management skills they need
    • The new curriculum
    • Orientation
    • Call center management
    • Introduction to supervision
    • Personnel and the law
    • Effecting interviewing workshop
    • The professional/ethical workplace environment
    • General human resources training
  5. What Intuit looks for in telephone support reps
    • Looking for team players
    • The candidate from hell
    • Intuit's strategy could work for you

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