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Instructor Biography

Widely regarded as one the contact center industry's authorities on workforce management, Maggie Klenke is a highly sought-after professional consultant, and a leading author of management books and articles on workforce management optimization techniques and methods. A popular speaker at industry conferences and learning events, Maggie is a frequent contributor and instructor of national and international webinars, seminars, and training courses.

Decades of Hands-on, In-the-Trenches Workforce Management Experience

Maggie has an impressive track record and a wealth of experience, including a seventeen-year tenure at TCS Management Group, a leading provider of workforce management software, acquired by Aspect, Inc. Maggie served as Vice-President of Consulting Services and Vice President of TCS' Call Center University. Under her leadership, the company's consulting service capabilities expanded to include PBX selection and implementation, network design, traffic engineering, and optimization of complex service demands and delivery capabilities.

Clients benefitting from Maggie's expertise include organizations of all types and sizes, from growth companies and start-ups, to large enterprises with complex multi-location multi-channel deployments, such as Delta Airlines and the Internal Revenue Service. Under her guidance, public and private organizations alike have achieved millions of dollars in compensation savings through schedule optimization, and significant improvements in customer satisfaction and operational results.

Currently, Maggie is a consultant, instructor, and a managing partner with The Call Center School, specializing skills-based routing design, workload distributions that lead to improved caller experiences, continuous improvement auditing methods, and workforce management troubleshooting.

Leading the Workforce Management Discipline

Maggie actively contributes her expertise to the growth and betterment of the workforce management profession. She serves as an examiner for the Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence, a statewide program of the Malcolm Baldridge awards, and actively supports the efforts of the Society for Workforce Planning Professionals (SWPP), the first and only organization devoted to facilitating education and networking opportunities among workforce planners across all industries. Maggie assisted the development of an examination process for the workforce management industry's highest level of certification, the Certified Workforce Planning Professional (CWPP). As an SWPP Board member, Maggie provides ongoing leadership and direction for SWPP's educational activities, and is a featured speaker at the annual SWPP conference. She also answers complex questions from SWPP members under an Internet nom de plume, the "Workforce Wizard".

Renowned Industry Author on Call Center Management

An avid writer, Maggie is featured in the industry press, and currently serves on the editorial boards of the International Journal of Call Center Management and CRM Magazine. She contributes articles and white-papers to many industry publications and associations, such as,, Connections Magazine, and; where she is considered a member of the "CRM Gurus" roster. She has also co-authored five books, including Call Center Staffing - The Complete Practical Guide to Workforce Management, and Business School Essentials for the Call Center Leader.

Join a Course and Learn Call Center Workforce Management From the Best

Maggie Klenke instructs the RCCSP Professional Education Alliances' introductory course on forecasting and scheduling entitled, Fundamentals of Call Center Workforce Management, and the RCCSP Accelerated Learning course, The Art & Science of Contact Center Workforce Management, a 3-day hands-on boot camp addressing topics from basic principles through advanced techniques.

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