CRM Automation, by Barton J. Goldberg, softcover, 294 pages, 2002, $44.99


Read about customer relationship management, CRM technology, automation, and software selection

Barton Goldenberg shares his unparalleled practical expertise on everything from customer relationship management (CRM) technology requirements and software selection to security and internationalization, helping you to transform the potential of CRM into long-lasting competitive advantage while avoiding disastrous missteps. You will learn to:

  • Identify your goals and customize a CRM strategy for your enterprise
  • Understand the 8 key issues that will make or break your CRM initiative
  • Learn about the top 30 CRM software product offerings
  • Find out what 12 crucial questions you should ask before selecting a software vendor
  • Preview tomorrow's advances in CRM—to better position yourself and take advantage of a ever-changing environment

Make no mistake about it -- this is the definitive work on CRM automation and systems selection.  You cannot go wrong by getting this book.  Just take a look at the table of contents below.

Table of Contents

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - An Overview
  2. CRM: A Working Definition
  3. Successful CRM: Getting the People, Process, and Technology Mix Right
  4. CRM Strategy Formulation
  5. Determining CRM Business Processes
  6. CRM Business Application Trends
  7. CRM Technology Trends
  8. CRM: Benefits and Problems
  9. A Blueprint For Effective Customer Relationship Management
  10. Creating Your CRM Business Case
  11. CRM Software Selection and Implementation Roadmap
  12. CRM System Requirements Analysis
  13. How to Write Your Systems Specifications Document
  14. Sizing Up Your CRM Software Vendor
  15. The Importance of CRM Project Communications
  16. Eight Key Implementation Issues for Effective CRM Systems
  17. The Necessity of Training, a Good Help Desk, and Effective Systems Administration
  18. E-Business and CRM
  19. E-Service and CRM
  20. Ensuring Consistent Customer Service Across Channels
  21. E-Marketing and CRM
  22. Knowledge Management and CRM
  23. Application Service Providers (ASPs): An Overview
  24. Addressing CRM System Security Risks
  25. The Importance of Data Integrity
  26. CRM: An International Perspective
  27. The Future Direction of CRM

Appendix A: ISM's Top 30 CRM Software Selections
Appendix B: Sources to Assist in CRM Software Selection
Appendix C: Software Categories, Vendors, and Pricing
Appendix D: Glossary of Terms


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