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Call Center Continuity Planning

by Jim Rowan, hardcover 3-ring bound with CD, 421 pages, $349.95



This book will help you to plan for continued operations of your call center and, therefore, your business, during a crisis. Whether your call center is large or small, plans and budgets in millions or hundreds of dollars, operates according to strategic plans generated by committee or by the the seat of your pants, this book contains helpful advice to help you continue business operations in virtually all circumstances.

This book has three major sections.  The first is a discussion of the principles and philosophy of call center (voice) continuity planning.  The second section is an examination of what is involved in preparation for planning and "call volume management".  The third section is a discussion of what comes after the planning process -- testing and, in case of a disaster, crisis management.

Finish reading the manual, complete all the exercises and checklists, and you will have a finished call center continuity plan for your organization.  That's what makes this product a bargain.

Table of Contents

  1. Planning Philosophy
  2. Six Principles for Developing an Effective Plan
  3. Illusions of Recoverability
  4. Rationalizing Procrastination
  5. Plan Stages
  6. Business Impact Analysis
  7. Risk Analysis
  8. Recovery Team Selection
  9. Plan Contents
  10. Team Responsibilities
  11. IS Department Recovery Planning
  12. Disaster Implementation Tasks
  13. Return to Normal Operations
  14. Plan Maintenance Procedures
  15. Call Volume Management Issues
  16. ICH and RTMO
  17. Other Uses for Your CVM Backup
  18. Checklists
  19. Six Questions to Ask When Designing a Test
  20. Types of Testing
  21. Test Objectives
  22. Crisis Leader, Internal Command, and Control
  23. Basic Crisis Management
  24. Personnel Issues
  25. Continuity Planning for Your Call Center


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