Integrating Wireless Networks
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Enterprises are analyzing ways to transfer data over long distances using wireless. Others are looking for integrated solutions between wireless and wired worlds to gain efficiency, cut costs, create value, and deliver new services. Take advantage of these opportunities by exploring wireless options, advantages, and benefits. Spend much of class time in hands-on labs.

You learn:

  • The 802.11 WLAN family (802.11a, b, and g)
  • The hot new wireless PAN technology Bluetooth
  • Wireless networking including air interfaces and radio transmission technologies
  • Network structure
  • Applications driving wireless network implementation
  • Mobile IP operations, registration, tunneling, and routing
  • Wireless voice/video

Who Would Benefit

  • Administrators: network, systems, infrastructure, security, and LAN/WANs
  • Designers: network, systems, infrastructure
  • Developers: wireless software and hardware products
  • Consultants and integrators: IT, security
  • Decision makers: infrastructure, IT, and telecom managers; security directors; chief security officers; chief technology officers

Suggested Prerequisites

Fundamental knowledge of TCP/IP and solid understanding of wireless transmission and telecommunications systems. Our Mastering TCP/IP course provides an excellent foundation

Look at this agenda!

1. Wireless Communications Applications

  • Applications for Mobility
  • Mobile Application Platforms
  • Other Application Development Platforms
  • Terminals for Mobility
  • Laptop Computers
  • Tablet Computers
  • Handheld Computers
  • Other Handheld Computers
  • Mobile Phones and Operating Systems
  • Mobile Phones and Operating Systems (cont.)

2. Wireless Personal Area Networks

  • Defining the WPAN
  • Infrared Technology
  • IEEE 802.15 Task Groups
  • IEEE 802.15 for WPAN
  • Bluetooth
  • Ultra Wideband

3. Wireless Local Area Networks

  • Wireless Local Area Network Regulatory Organizations
  • Wireless Local Area Network Standards Organization
  • IEEE 802 WLAN Standards
  • WLAN Standards: Physical Layer
  • FCC Regulations
  • IEEE 802.11 2.4-GHz WLAN Channel Usage
  • IEEE 802.11 5-GHz WLAN Channel Usage
  • WLAN Security
  • 802.11: Joining a Service Set Overview
  • MAC and Physical Layer
  • Interframe Spacing
  • Coordination Functions
  • Request to Send/Clear to Send

4. Wireless Network Design

  • Wireless LAN Design
  • Site Survey
  • 802.11 Architecture
  • Access Points
  • Wireless Bridges
  • Additional Devices
  • Antennas

5. Wi-Fi Hot Spots

  • Wi-Fi Hot Spots
  • Wi-Fi Hot Spot Options
  • Commercial Wi-Fi Hot Spot Providers
  • Wireless Internet Service Providers
  • Roaming
  • WISPr
  • Mobile IP
  • Mobile Router

6. Wireless Wide Area Networks Overview

  • The Cellular Concept
  • First Generation Mobile Communications
    • Frequency Division Multiple Access
  • Second Generation Mobile Communications
    • Time Division Multiple Access
    • Code Division Multiple Access
    • CDMA: IS-95a
  • Mobile Communications
    • Evolution of GSM: HSCSD
    • Evolution of GSM: GPRS
    • Evolution of GSM: GPRS Coding Schemes
    • Evolution of CDMA: IS-95b (CDMAone)
  • Third Generation Mobile Communications
    • IMT-2000
    • Sponsoring Bodies
    • 3G Evolution of GSM: EDGE
    • 3G Evolution of GSM: UMTS
    • CDMA Evolution to 3G
    • 3G Evolution of CDMA: cdma2000-1xEV-DO
    • 3G Evolution of CDMA: cdma2000-1xEV-DV
    • IEEE 802.20-Mobile Broadband Wireless Access
  • Fourth Generation Mobile Communications
    • Mobile Broadband System Course Labs

Hands-On Labs

  • Lab 1: Basic Setup
  • Lab 2: Pocket PC Screen Alignment
  • Lab 3: Initial Pocket PC Configuration
  • Lab 4: Create Team Partnerships
  • Lab 5: Install Pocket PC Applications
  • Lab 6: Pocket PC Photos
  • Lab 7: WPAN File Transfer with IR
  • Lab 8: WPAN File Transfer with Bluetooth
  • Lab 9: WPAN Printing with Bluetooth
  • Lab 10: Build IWN Domain
  • Lab 11: Pocket PC 802.11b WLAN Workshop
  • Lab 12: Configure Pocket PC TCP/IP Settings
  • Lab 13: Testing 802.11b Connectivity
  • Lab 14: Wireless POP3/SMTP Email with Pocket PC
  • Lab 15: Wireless Email with Voice Attachment
  • Lab 16: Wireless Streaming Audio/Video
  • Lab 17: Wireless Voice and Video over IP
  • Lab 18: Wireless Instant Messaging
  • Lab 19: Conduct Site Survey
  • Lab 20: Configuring Wireless Encryption
  • Lab 21: Configuring 802.11a/g
  • Lab 22: Replace Laptop Ethernet with 802.11a/g
  • Lab 23: Baseline Throughput Tests - 802.11b/a/g
  • Lab 24: 802.11g Interference Testing with 802.11b and Bluetooth
  • Lab 25: Link Budget
  • Lab 26: Access Internet from Pocket PC
  • Lab 27: Wi-Fi Hotspot Access

This course helps you prepare for the CWNA certification.

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Registration Fees
The per student registration fee for this seminar is $1,995, and includes the seminar, course materials, and morning and afternoon refreshments.

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Payment is due prior to the conference.  If payment is not received, a credit card hold will be required for participation.  This card will only be processed if payment has not been received within two weeks following the conference.

Cancellation Policy.  Registrants may cancel up to fourteen days in advance of the seminar start date for a full refund, less administrative fees of $500.  Or, you may transfer your registration to another member of your company at no additional charge.  Registrants cancelling within fourteen days of the seminar will receive credit, less administrative fees of $500, toward any other Resource Center seminar.  In the unlikely event that a seminar must be cancelled, you will be notified at least one week prior to the seminar date. Seminar provider is not responsible for losses due to cancellation including losses on advanced purchase airfares.

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