Call Center and Help Desk Supervisor Methods,
Metrics, and Coaching Techniques

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Are you a newly promoted or newly hired supervisor or lead? Or, are you struggling with establish an effective coaching style? Then this seminar is for you.

Too often, management promote the best techs, reps, and agents to supervisor and then waits for them to miraculously figure out what to do, positioning their very best for failure. The supervisor is the key to an effective support center. This class will provide supervisors with the tools needed to establish and keep their call center a best practice center.

Learn how to quickly transform from best tech into the best supervisor. Understand the necessary preparations that insure a well-trained supervisor workforce.  This class will teach you the coaching process that provides a practical method for assisting team members and making them the best they can be.


Effective Call Centers and Help Desks

  • Only an effective operation can continuously run at peak levels
  • The three key components of every effective center and how to balance them
  • The five types of call centers and how the operation must be designed to support their unique demands.

The Preparation Path for Successful Supervisors

  • Knowing what tools are essential
  • Critical supervisor tools and how to use them
  • How the supervisor can assess the correctness and consistency of their designated area.

The Call Center Team

  • Operational functions - from the customer all the way to the end product
  • Operational and support roles defined
  • Functioning as a successful team
  • What the supervisor must do as part of the call center team

The Role of the Supervisor

  • The supervisor's functions and roles
  • Clear job descriptions that separate truly effective supervisors from the rest of the pack
  • The tools of an effective center supervisor

What a Supervisor Can Manage

  • Being a good supervisor is more than giving everyone a pat on the back
  • The science behind call center design
  • What to manage and what's beyond supervisory control
  • What you and your team must manage to assure that your center is the best in your industry
  • Required tools for acquiring and sustaining top-notch service

Reactionary Supervision vs. Proactive Supervision

  • Traits that set world-class supervisors apart from the rest
  • How to make these traits your own

Building the Environment for Effective Coaching

  • An operational philosophy that is conducive to coaching
  • What you must do to be an effective coach
  • How to build this environment.

The Coaching Process

  • Coaching skills and how to make it a process
  • The difference between conflict and confrontation in the coaching process
  • How to coach and mentor your reps and agents
  • Developing an action plan with monitored milestones

Coaching Communication

  • Using concise terms and definitions
  • How to communicate to your boss and your agents
  • Communication -- a two way street

How Your Style Impacts Coaching

  • Managerial styles
  • The impact of styles on the person being coached
  • Using styles to become a better coach.

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The per student registration fee for this 2-day seminar is $1,295, and includes the seminar, course materials, and refreshments each day. Class begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM each day. Dress is business casual.

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